Who We Are


meet the designer

Adam Zollinger has loved art in its many forms since he was born.

Throughout elementary school Adam loved to sketch & draw. In High School, he found out he could “carry a tune,” (he still can by the way,) and when he was 24 he bought his first home. It was at time that his future started to come into focus.

As Adam began to furnish his new home, he realized how color and texture seemed to harmonize.  He felt so comfortable when his home was arranged the proper way. At that moment, he knew that he wanted everyone to feel as comfortable in their homes as he did in his!

In 2008, Adam Zollinger joined the team at Walter E. Smithe Furniture and learned everything that he could about Custom Furniture, Space Planning, Color Schemes, and how to combine pattern. He spent 6 years there becoming an expert in the industry, and is now running his own freelance Interior Design Service.

Now at 36 years young, Adam feels that every mistake and every triumph has brought him to where he is today, and he wouldn’t change a thing! Every room is a new puzzle with limitations and challenges, but where some designers might be dismayed, Adam Zollinger Interiors rises to the challenge and believes that there is a paint color, a space plan, and furniture for EVERY room! I dare you to challenge me!